Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any prerequisites for performance study?
Because the Department believes students enrolled in individual performance studies should have a thorough knowledge of the rudiments of music, enrollment for lessons is contingent on successful completion of, or exemption from, MUS100, regardless of whether a student's home institution is Mount Holyoke or one of the other colleges in our consortium. Students wishing to enroll in individual performance study for the first time at Mount Holyoke MUST EITHER:
(1)  enroll concurrently in MUS100, which meets Monday through Friday from 9:00 - 9:50am in Room 109 Pratt;
(2)  enroll concurrently in a course equivalent to MUS100 at one of the other campuses;  OR
(3)  pass the MUS100 Exemption Exam. 

Do I need to be a music major or minor to take lessons?
No. All students are eligible for lessons and actually, there are many students enrolled in performance study who are not majors or minors.

Is there a fee for music lessons?
The College charges the following fees for performance study:

  • $675 per semester for weekly, individual 50-minute lessons
  • $408 per semester for weekly, individual 30-minute lessons

No refunds of fees are allowed for students who drop a performance course after the 10th academic day. Music lesson fees are waived for declared music majors and minors.

Are there any scholarships available?
Students who receive financial aid from the College are eligible to apply for a Grant-in-Aid to help pay for lessons. Applications are available in the Music Department Office or online and must be submitted at the beginning of each semester of study. There are no automatic renewals.

Where can I store my instrument?
There are a limited number of instrument storage lockers in Pratt. Students who are taking music lessons and/or playing in ensembles may store an instrument in a locker after registering with Michèle Scanlon in the Music Office. Students must supply their own padlock.

Where can I practice?
There are 12 practice rooms in Pratt which are open from 6 am - 11 pm. Use of the practice rooms is open to all Mount Holyoke students, but priority is given to students enrolled in performance studies.

Can I get credit for taking lessons?
YES, all performance study is for credit and the grade you receive is included in your GPA. Students enrolled in a 50-minute lesson receive 2 credits per semester; students enrolled in a 30-minute lesson receive 1 credit per semester. Students taking performance study at the 300 level receive 4 credits per semester.

What other performance opportunities are available besides music lessons?
There are a number of instrumental ensembles at the College including the Symphony Orchestra, Euridice Ensembles (17th/18th century period chamber ensembles), string/wind/mixed small ensembles, the Flute Choir, the Klezmer Band, the Jazz Ensembles (Big Band and Chamber Jazz) and the West African Music Ensembles. Choral ensembles include the Chorale, Glee Club and Chamber Singers, the Early Music Ensembles (Collegium and Voces Feminae) and Vocal Jazz. Auditions are required for participation; students receive 1 credit per semester.

Can I transfer credit from another institution?
Classroom courses in music theory or history may be eligible for transfer credit. Performance credits such as music lessons or ensemble participation are not eligible for transfer credit.

When can I declare a music major or minor?
Students can declare a music major or minor as early as the second semester of their first year provided they have completed one classroom course at Mount Holyoke that leads to the major or minor i. e. Music 100 (Basic Musicianship), given each semester, or Music 231 (Theory I), given in the spring semester. Students must make an appointment with the Department Chair to discuss courses they plan to take and to obtain necessary signature.