Instrument Collection

In addition to many modern pianos, Mount Holyoke owns a wide variety of other keyboard instruments.

Skinner Organ
There are two fine pipe organs, of very different styles, in Abbey Memorial Chapel. A four-manual electro-pneumatic action instrument by Hutchings/Skinner is located in the front of the sanctuary.

Fisk Organ
Elevated in its own balcony on the back wall is a two-manual mechanical action instrument by C.B. Fisk.

Fisk Organ Keydesk

Fisk Organ Pedalboard

Fisk Fortepiano
In Pratt Hall, there is a five octave Viennese fortepiano (an ancestor of the modern piano) by Peter Fisk & Jacob Kaeser.

Dowd Harpsichord
There is also a French double harpsichord by William Dowd.