Department Learning Goals: Music

The Department of Music developed discipline-specific learning objectives based on the Mount Holyoke College learning goals. These objectives comprise the following:

  • Synthesize information obtained through the study of music theory, ethnomusicology, music history, composition and performance, and achieve fluency with musical language in a range of styles and cultural contexts.
  • Perform works of all periods with attention to performance practices of appropriate periods.
  • Address the structure of a musical work with tools appropriate to its historical context.
  • Understand the evolution of musical style and the changing roles of composers, performers, patrons and audience from the Middle Ages to the present.
  • Increase familiarity with and facility in the use of primary materials for musicological and/or theoretical research, as well as in the critical evaluation of published scholarship.
  • Comprehend the prominent stylistic trends and compositional techniques of the 20th and 21st centuries, including an understanding of the relationships of such genres as popular music and jazz to the social contexts that helped produce and shape them.
  • Realize the power of music to enhance or alter the content and structure of text or motion picture.
  • Achieve musical awareness and critical perception through the integration of thinking about and performing music.
  • Broaden musical interests to include non-Western repertoires in their respective cultural contexts.
  • Encounter non-Western music through alternative methodologies and performance experiences which, in turn, inform the more traditional study of music.
  • Use classical training to go beyond the printed page into folk traditions, learning to employ less familiar techniques that are traditional in the vast array of world musics.
  • Discover the ways in which a Mount Holyoke music major might be important after graduation.
  • Gain sufficient experience in music theory, history, composition and performance to qualify for graduate study.