Mary Lyon Concerts

Instrumental music has been at the core of Mount Holyoke College since our founding.  Mary Lyon moved a piano into Seminary Hall almost as quickly as she shelved the library’s first books.  She believed instrumental music taught young women discipline, provided students with language in a different chord, and—most importantly—Mary Lyon understood that music has the power to console a troubled heart and uplift the human spirit.

The Mary Lyon concerts commemorate the central role of music in Mount Holyoke College's history by celebrating the contributions of women musicians and women in general, through music. The programming therefore gives voice to the often under-represented work of women in music.

Photo of the 2018-2019 Mount Holyoke Symphony Orchestra

2019 Mary Lyon Concert

Commemorating Mary Lyon's commitment to the value of music in higher education, the concert features works about and composed by women.

2018 Mary Lyon Concert

NEVER AGAIN Remembering the Holocaust through the Women's Orchestra of Auschwitz

2017 Mary Lyon Concert

Join the MHSO and conductor Ng Tian Hui for Of Hope and Courage – a concert celebrating women composers.
Mary Lyon Concert 2016, Washington DC

2016 Mary Lyon Concert

Featuring the Symphony Orchestra of Mount Holyoke College in a program of music by women composers.