Monsters Ball

Monsters Ball is Mount Holyoke College's annual Halloween dance party! The concept is simple, come costumed and dance to waltzes and polkas by the Waltz King himself, Johann Strauss Jr, in between, enjoy featured film scores that are a part of each year's theme. The event is held in our own Abbey Memorial Chapel, artfully decorated in cobwebs and other creepy objects!

A piano in a room decorated for Halloween

Monsters Ball 2020: A Virtual Open House

The MHSO is working with video artist, sound designer, and composer, to create a uniquely Moho haunted house to celebrate the holiday.
Graphic: The Hollywood sign

Monsters Ball 2019: Hollywood's Golden Age

This year's theme is the Hollywood's golden age of film, culminating in Jurwitz's enchanting soundtrack from the film, La La Land!
Photo of the Mount Holyoke Symphony Orchestra wearing costumes for the Monsters Ball concert

Monsters Ball 2018

Join the Mount Holyoke Symphony Orchestra for both morning and evening concerts featuring music from Star Wars and melodic waltzes from around the world.
Monsters Ball T-Rex

Monsters Ball 2017 — Interstellar!

Don't miss Mount Holyoke's annual Halloween dance party!
Kids Monster Ball 2016

Kids Monsters Ball 2016

Come costumed and have a monstrous good time with movie music from Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and E.T. and Star Wars, while learning about the instruments.
Monster's Ball 2016

Monsters Ball 2016 — John Williams Tribute

Celebrating the work of John Williams from Star Wars, E.T., and Jurassic Park.
2015 Kids Monsters Ball: Alternate Realities

Kids Monsters Ball 2015 — Alternate Realities

All ages come dressed in costumes & dance to waltzes and polkas by Johann Strauss II with live performances of music from Star Trek & Phantom of the Opera.

Monsters Ball 2015 — Alternate Reality

Music from your favorite movies including Star Trek, Phantom of the Opera, Psycho, West Side Story and Bram Stoker's Dracula.
2014 Kids Monsters Ball: Video Games Edition

Kids Monsters Ball 2014

All ages come dressed in costumes and dance to waltzes and polkas. Learn about the orchestra through instrument demonstrations.
Monsters Ball 2014: TV Shows

Monsters Ball 2014 — Spooky Television

Music from your favorite TV shows, such as Downton Abbey, Dr Who, Game of Thrones and Addams Family.
Monsters Ball 2013: Video Game Edition

Monsters Ball 2013 — Video Game Edition

Music from your favorite games including Angry Birds, Final Fantasy, Civilization and Pokemon!