Syllabus (Music-191)

The Mount Holyoke Symphony Orchestra (MHSO) is Mount Holyoke College's principal undergraduate classical music instrumental ensemble. We are a 50-member orchestra of women and men, sponsored by the Music Department.  The orchestra is not only been a place for great music, but also one for friendships which last a lifetime.

Under the direction of Tian Hui Ng, the Orchestra's diverse repertoire includes everything from popular movie soundtracks to major orchestral works. We perform for audiences in the community four times each year and tour every other year.

Course Details

Course Number Music 191

1 credit, letter grade, each semester.

All members must take Symphony Orchestra as a registered course.

Prerequisite Successful audition. (Permission of the instructor)
Conductor Tian Hui Ng
Location McCulloch Auditorium, Pratt Hall

T: (413) 538-2343



Regular rehearsals are held in McCulloch Auditorium in Pratt Hall.

Tuesdays 7.15 - 9.30pm
Thursdays 4.30 - 6.00pm

Thursday rehearsals are extended by 30 minutes during the week of the performance. (ie 4.30 - 6.30pm)

Additional dress rehearsals are added during the week of performance. These rehearsal times will be confirmed at the start of each term.


Please refer to our Concert Season page for an updated concert schedule for the year.



Grade Range: A - F

Factors that weigh in on the final grade awarded to the student include:
i.    attendance
ii.    music preparation (please remember that practicing your part is the musical equivalent of weekly assignments for all courses)
iii.    contribution in orchestra

Students may be asked to leave Orchestra for the year, with a grade of Fail, at the discretion of the director, for any of the following reasons:

i.    more than one unexcused absence from rehearsals
ii.    any unexcused absence from a performance
iii.    more than four excused absences in a two week period
iv.    failing more than one part-check in a semester

Course Attendance Policy

Musicians are expected to attend and be punctual for all assigned sessions and contribute fully to the rehearsal. As a mark of respect to our fellow musicians, we are expected to learn and play the assigned music to the best of our ability.

It is mandatory to be in our seats five minutes before each session. We must be prepared to perform, listen to announcements, follow instructions of the conductor and tune. If the player is not in his or her seat five minutes before the rehearsal time, he or she will be marked late.

Do take responsibility for getting yourself to a rehearsal or concert on time. You are part of a community which requires every member to be present in order to achieve the best it is capable of. Showing up, being on time (or early) shows respect to yourself, your colleagues and the conductor.

If you know you are about to be late, call the Orchestra Manager to inform her that you are on your way and your estimated time of arrival. Look for the Orchestra Manager during the break or after rehearsal to explain why you were late, so she can take note of that in her records. As a matter of courtesy, please approach the conductor and let him or her know why you were late too.

In the event of a schedule conflict, please contact the Orchestra Manager and the Director of the Orchestra as soon as the conflict arises. Do not wait until the last minute to do this as this allows the Orchestra no time to react and help you resolve the conflict.

In the event of illness or emergency, contact the Orchestra Manager and Director as soon as you are able to do so, to inform them about what has occurred.

Please note that should you miss the Final Dress rehearsal without a valid reason, the Director reserves the right to suspend you from the concert.