MHSO Tour 2013

Mount Holyoke Symphony Orchestra Tour Roster

Esther Ariel Hayat [Mendelssohn- overture, i: fl1]
Zoe Rand [Mendelssohn mvt i: fl2]
Mapricionne McQueen
[Mendelssohn mvt ix: fl1]
Averie Washington 
[Dvorak: fl2]
Olivia Vazquez**** 
[Mendelssohn – overture: fl2]
Han-Bee Kim [Dvorak: fl1, Mendelssohn mvt ix: fl2


Oboe 1 Amelia Stutman
Oboe 2 Jessica Bickel


Clarinet 1 Kristin Johnson
Clarinet 2 Evelyn Masterso


Bassoon 1 John Anderson***
Bassoon 2 Guest Player


Horn 1 Jessica Twomey
Horn 2 Guest Player


Trumpet 1
Tobey Kass
Trumpet 2 Madeline Crone
Trumpet 3
Kate McGowan


Percussion Jenna Park


Violin 1
Stand 1 Gabby Snyder, Jessica Espinosa
Stand 2 Wanxin Wang, Anna-Julia Plichta
Stand 3 Caroline Bresnan


Violin 2
Stand 1 Jenna Hoopingarner, Kristie Chan
Stand 2 Linda Xu, Emily Fornshell 
Stand 3 Margaret Wallace, Zoe Brown


Stand 1 Zoe Jones (Principal), Jacquelyn D’Angio
Stand 2 Bonnie Berkley, Andrea Miranda
Stand 3 Emily Martecchini


Cello (All Pieces)
Stand 1 Ida Rose Levenson (Co-principal), Ayoola White
Stand 2 Emma Singer, Johanna Rothstein
Stand 3 Izziey Woodward


Bass (All Pieces)
Stand 1 Shannon Yoshikawa,  Lynn Lovell**

Pre Tour Retreat: Jan 14 (Mon) - 17 (Thu) 2013
Tour: Jan 18 2013 (Fri) - Hartford, CT
Jan 19 2013 (Sat) - Homecoming Concert
Jan 20 2013 (Sun) - Destination to be announced

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