MHSO Tour 2013

Mount Holyoke Symphony Orchestra Tour Roster

Esther Ariel Hayat [Mendelssohn- overture, i: fl1]
Zoe Rand [Mendelssohn mvt i: fl2]
Mapricionne McQueen
[Mendelssohn mvt ix: fl1]
Averie Washington 
[Dvorak: fl2]
Olivia Vazquez**** 
[Mendelssohn – overture: fl2]
Han-Bee Kim [Dvorak: fl1, Mendelssohn mvt ix: fl2


Oboe 1 Amelia Stutman
Oboe 2 Jessica Bickel


Clarinet 1 Kristin Johnson
Clarinet 2 Evelyn Masterso


Bassoon 1 John Anderson***
Bassoon 2 Guest Player


Horn 1 Jessica Twomey
Horn 2 Guest Player


Trumpet 1
Tobey Kass
Trumpet 2 Madeline Crone
Trumpet 3
Kate McGowan


Percussion Jenna Park


Violin 1
Stand 1 Gabby Snyder, Jessica Espinosa
Stand 2 Wanxin Wang, Anna-Julia Plichta
Stand 3 Caroline Bresnan


Violin 2
Stand 1 Jenna Hoopingarner, Kristie Chan
Stand 2 Linda Xu, Emily Fornshell 
Stand 3 Margaret Wallace, Zoe Brown


Stand 1 Zoe Jones (Principal), Jacquelyn D’Angio
Stand 2 Bonnie Berkley, Andrea Miranda
Stand 3 Emily Martecchini


Cello (All Pieces)
Stand 1 Ida Rose Levenson (Co-principal), Ayoola White
Stand 2 Emma Singer, Johanna Rothstein
Stand 3 Izziey Woodward


Bass (All Pieces)
Stand 1 Shannon Yoshikawa,  Lynn Lovell**

Pre Tour Retreat: Jan 14 (Mon) - 17 (Thu) 2013
Tour: Jan 18 2013 (Fri) - Hartford, CT
Jan 19 2013 (Sat) - Homecoming Concert
Jan 20 2013 (Sun) - Destination to be announced

Detailed Schedule to follow. Please complete the tour form below.

Amherst College, Hampshire College, Mount Holyoke College etc
Please enter any special dietary requirements. Enter Nil if you have no dietary restrictions.