Performance Studies

Performance study is a popular and important part of the offerings of the music department.  At our liberal arts college, performance study goes beyond learning to use your voice or your instrument and becomes the opportunity to assimilate all the information you know and are learning about the historical context and harmonic construction of the music. When you visit the Art Museum, you learn about and see the elements that differentiate art in one period from art in another period; at Mount Holyoke you will learn and use the tools that differentiate musical periods, styles, and national characteristics.

Performance Studies Courses

Students, regardless of whether they are majors or minors, must audition for placement and registration in Individual Performance Studies. Because the Department of Music believes students, whether enrolled at Mount Holyoke or another Five College institution, should have a thorough knowledge of the rudiments of music, registration will be contingent on concurrent enrollment in, successful completion of, or exemption from Music 100. See Course Materials for Basic Theory Skills. The Music 100 Exemption Exam is given at the beginning of each semester.

Performance Studies Course Fees

No fees are charged for declared music majors and minors who have declared by the 10th day of the semester. N.B. You may declare the music major or minor after successful completion of either the course Music 100 or the course Music 231.

        $675 for twelve 50-minute lessons; $408 for twelve 30-minute lessons.