Pratt Reservations

Policy for Reserving and Guidelines for Using Rooms in Pratt

How to confirm your reservation space in Pratt

Please call the Music Office x2306 to make certain that the space you wish to reserve is actually available. Student Organizations must also complete an Event Registration Form (ERF) from the Student Involvement Office and send a copy to the Music Department. Your reservation will be confirmed only after you have read through the following guidelines and indicate your agreement to follow them by printing out and signing this page. Please send to the Music Department office.

Guidelines for Use of Pratt Rooms

  1. Room set-ups and take-downs are the responsibility of the user. You may opt to do the work yourself or hire Facilities Management. N.B. Pratt Rooms are routinely used for rehearsal and must be returned to their original format. For evening events: by the next calendar morning. For afternoon events: by same day. For morning events: by same day afternoon
  2. If you wish to have your event publicized in the College calendar or exterior doors to Pratt opened for your event, it is your responsibility to contact the Facilities' Scheduler at x2153 after you have confirmed your reservation with the Music Department office. The Facilities Scheduler will not enter information in the College calendar until you have cleared the date with the music department.
  3. Bulletin boards adjacent to the Music Library may be used for flyers or posters publicizing your event. If you think you will need to post signs for directions, tell the Music Department office and an appropriate number of stands will be left for you to use. We do not allow notices to be taped to walls, doors, etc. All taped notices and directions will be removed.
  4. Users who wish to utilize the Pratt sound booth must make arrangements with one of the music department's trained concert managers (names available upon request) or personnel from MHC Electronic Services, and are responsible for any related charges.
  5. Pianos and all equipment must be handled with great care. Nothing should ever be placed on pianos (this includes food, books, equipment, etc.); piano climate systems must not be unplugged.
  6. Food is not allowed in McCulloch Auditorium or in classrooms. The two areas for receptions are the Warbeke Room and the student lounge area. Users are responsible for clean-up of all food and trash. You may opt to clean up yourself or hire Facilities Management. If the space has not been cleaned, we will arrange for clean-up and bill you.

Keep the above guidelines for reference and send the section below to confirm your reservation.