Queen Moremi Folk Opera

WHAT: Queen Moremi an African folk opera
WHEN:  Sat. April 26, 8 pm and Sun. April 27, 2pm
WHERE: Rooke Theatre, Mount Holyoke College

TICKETS: $5 General Admission  $3 Seniors/Students
Available in Mount Holyoke Music Office, 538-2306 and at the door

Directed by Five College Ethnomusicologist, Bode Omojola, the production features student performers and master drummers and choreographer from Nigeria.

The true test of love they say is sacrifice and in times of war sacrifice is an important rudiment of victory. This is well captured in this folk opera. Set in the ancient kingdom of Ile-Ife, the play narrates the brave sacrifice of a young woman’s undying love for her husband and his people. Based on the story of a major figure in Yoruba history in the 12th century, Queen Moremi of Ile-Ife, the opera  portrays the heroic deeds of a woman, who  dared the odds to save her people and who is reputed to have led her city to victory over an enemy kingdom that had mounted a series of attacks on the Yoruba city state of Ile-Ife.  Moremi willingly surrendered to the invaders, got married to the enemy king, and used the opportunity to discover the secrets of the group’s military strategy. After escaping she revealed that secret to the Ile-Ife people which enables them to overcome their enemy. But there is high drama – Come to “Queen Moremi” to discover the queen’s supreme sacrifice  that leads to victory!

Queen Moremi