Spring Courses

Please check back for our official offerings in Fall 2016.

100-01  Rudiments of Music: MWF 9:00-9:50 Pratt Room 109
Larry Schipull
In this half-semester course students will become familiar with the elements of music notation (staves, clefs, pitch names, note and rest values) and with some of the basic skills necessary for college-level music instruction (e.g., construction and identification of scales, intervals, triads, and basic diatonic functions). Meets for only the first half of each semester.

131-01  Basic Musicianship: MTWThF 9:00-9:50  Pratt Room 109 (TTh Labs in Warbeke Room)
Larry Schipull

102 - Music and Technology
Robert Eisenstein          MW 1:15-2:30  Pratt-Warbeke

171RM-01  Race in the American Musical -- NEW
Adeline Mueller         TTh 2:40-3:55 Pratt-109
The history of musical theater in the United States is bound up with race on multiple levels: from the problematic legacies of vaudeville and minstrelsy, to the phenomenon of all-black, all-white, and purposely integrated musical casts, to issues of genre and identity in pop, rock, and hip hop musicals. In this course, we will survey selected major works in the history of musical theater from the perspective of race, including Show Boat, Porgy and Bess, South Pacific, West Side Story, and Rent. Our guiding question will be: what is musical about race in the musical? How does the spectacle of the singing body, the longevity of the catchy show tune, and the transmission of music via the web and social media affect the way Broadway's creators and audiences negotiate power, inequality, and representation? The course will include student-moderated Q&As with faculty in Africana Studies and Theatre Arts, and will culminate in a field trip to New York to view productions of Hamilton and/or Shuffle Along, followed by a student-led public symposium and workshop.
This course fulfills the Humanities requirement.

231 - Theory I          
Larry Schipull             MWF  10-1:50  Pratt Room 109
231 - Theory I Lab       
Larry Schipull             TTh    10-10:50 Pratt Warbeke Room

233 - Theory III       
David Sanford            MWF  10-10:50 Pratt Room 101
233 - Theory III Lab
David Sanford            TTh   10-10:50 Pratt Room 104

215/315 - Intermediate/Advanced Composition
David Sanford          TTh 1:15-2:30 Pratt 109           

282 - History II
Adeline Mueller         TTh  11:30-12:45 Pratt 103

341-01 - Conducting II
Ng Tian Hui                TTh 2:40-3:55     Pratt Warbeke Room

374 - Advanced Seminar in Ethnomusicology -- NEW
Olabode Omojola       MW  1:15-2:30      Pratt Room 103
Designed for music and non-music majors, this advanced seminar examines core theoretical and methodological issues in ethnomusicology and the debates that have shaped its practice since its origins in the early twentieth century as comparative musicology. Drawing on musical traditions from different parts of the world and supplemented by workshops conducted by visiting professional musicians, the course explores the interdisciplinary approaches that inform how ethnomusicologists study the significance of music “in” and “as” culture. Topics covered will include ethnographic methods, the intersection of musicological and anthropological perspectives, the political significance of musical hybridity, applied ethnomusicology, and sound studies.