Acceptable 5-College Courses

The following are *some* of the courses that could count toward the major.  If a student finds another course, she should consult with the Chair to see if the course could count toward her major.

At Amherst:
PSYC-325:  Psychopharmacology
PSYC-356:  Neurophysiology of Motivation
PSYC-359:  Hormones and Behavior
BIOL-301:  Molecular Neurobiology
BIOL-351:  Neurophysiology (Can be counted as our Bio 333, but not an additional elective)

At Smith:
BIO 300/301:  Neurophysiology + lab (Can be counted as our Bio 333, but not an additional elective)
BIO 310/311:  Cell & Molecular Bases of Learning and Memory + lab
BIO 363:  Animal Behavior Methods
NSC 314/315:  Neuroendocrinology + lab
NSC 318/319:  Systems Neurobiology + lab
NSC 316:  Neuroscience in the Public Eye:  Neurological Disorders
PSY 315:  Seminar in Autism Spectrum Disorders
PSY 326:  Seminar in Biopsychology:  Behavioral Epigenetics
PSY 327:  Seminar in Mind and Brain:  Alzheimer’s Disease

At UMass:
PSYCH 335:  Behavioral Endocrinology
PSYCH 391:  BR Brain and Cognitive Development
PSYCH 391:  FN Neuroscience of Learning and Decision Making
PSYCH 391:  NU Neuroplasticity
PSYCH 430:  Lab in Neuroscience
BIOCHEM 420:  Elementary Biochemistry