Gary Gillis
You can read about me if you click on my name


Trupti Akella '09
Trupti is studying forelimb function during landing in toads by studying patterns of muscle activity in various muscles associated with the pectoral girdle and upper arm

Lauren Fields '09
Lauren has a bizarre penchant for cold-water fish and is currently studying antifreeze protein expression in Long-Horn Sculpin exposed to different light and temperature regimes

Addison Kemp '09
Addi is drawn to working on cute furry things and therefore has two sugar gliders as pets, which she uses for filming studies of gait patterns during locomotion on dowels of various sizes and in various orientations. She also wants to explore gliding...

Noelle Noyes '09; Post-bac
Noelle already went to college (up the road at Amherst) got a Masters degree in German studies and wrote a book about her work (in German no less). Now she's at Mt. Holyoke where she's "back-filling" her science courses so she can pursue her real interests in Veterinary Science and Research. She's working on a project examining EMG activity patterns in limb flexors and extensors acting at the same joint during jumping and swimming in frogs


Kristen Coakley '04
Kristen is a graduate student in Molecular Biology at U.C. San Francisco

Helen Moreira '04
Helen is in medical school at the Univ. of Massachusetts

Jennifer Matera '05
Jennifer is in veterinary school at Tufts University

Anneliese Lilienthal '05
Anneliese finished her Masters degree in medical illustration at the Medical College of Georgia and moved back north. She is now working for a high-tech graphic design firm specializing in science imagery out of Hartford

Deborah Crabtree '06
Deborah finished her Masters degree in International Relations in Seoul, South Korea, and is back in the states looking to go to law school next

Melanie Hnot '06
Melanie is in veterinary school at the University of Pennsylvania

Lauren Bonvini '07
Lauren is in the graduate program in ecology and evolution at Dartmouth where she's working on lizard ecology/evolution with Ryan Calsbeek

Emily Goldstein '07
Emily is in Europe working on a Masters degree in Ecosystem Conservation and Landscape Management. Her home-base is the University of Cork in Ireland

Dery Miller '07
Dery is in Atlanta GA where she's working for a biotech firm and pondering applying to medical school

Lindsay Goodale '08
Lindsay is in veterinary school at Cornell University

Alli Haley '08
Alli is in London at the Royal Veterinary College where she is pursuing a Ph.D. in Veterinary Studies (and I think may be going for a Veterinary Degree as well)