Neuroscience and Behavior Major

Mount Holyoke’s Program in Neuroscience and Behavior offers an interdisciplinary major intended for students with strong, integrative interests in both biological sciences and psychology and in the biological bases of behavior.

Majors take a minimum of 60 credits in biological sciences, psychology, chemistry, and other disciplines.

Students planning postgraduate study in a related discipline or in medicine are urged to participate in independent laboratory study within either or both departments.

For detailed information on requirements for the major, see the Neuroscience and Behavior chapter of the course catalog.

Teacher Licensure

The Teacher Licensure Program enables students to apply for a Massachusetts (and NASDTEC Interstate Contract) “initial” license.

More information about areas of licensure that may be pursued by undergraduate students is listed in in the Psychology and Education section and the Teacher Licensure Programs page within the Psychology and Education section of the Course Bulletin and Catalog.