Selecting Courses

In addition to the Introduction to Neuroscience Course, NSB 100, our curriculum includes courses in biology, chemistry, psychology, mathematics, and other related fields. Students planning postgraduate study in a related discipline or in medicine are urged to participate in independent laboratory research. See the department chair or your advisor for more information. Please see the panning your neuroscience major flow chart for help planning your major.

Students wishing to take courses abroad should consult with the study abroad office and their advisor to learn about the range of possible schools and courses.

First-Year Students

Introduction to Neuroscience (NSB 100) is the gateway to the Neuroscience and Behavior major and should be taken by students considering this option. Additionally, completing Biology 200 as well as Chemistry 101 and 201 by the end of the first year positions any prospective major well for entering her second year of study.

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