Create Your Nexus Plan of Study

  1. Choose a Nexus track and schedule an appointment with the Nexus Track Chair. 
    It is beneficial to start thinking about the Nexus program early. Most students do their required internship after their sophomore or junior year.
  2. Review the Nexus Program Requirements: four academic courses composed of 12 credits above 100-level, and including at least one 300-level course; competion of the UAF application stages 1 and 2, an internship, an additional 2-credit post-internship course, College 211, "Reflecting Back" where you reflect on your internship experience with your peers; and a LEAP (Learning from Application) Symposium presentation.

    (If you are graduating 18, complete the old Nexus Requirements: three academic courses, two 200-level and one 300-level course, an internship, a 2 credit pre-internship course (COLL 210) or equivalent, the 2 credit post-internship course, College 211, and a LEAP Symposium presentation).

  3. In consultation with your track chair, choose courses in your Nexus track. Our current list of courses will help you begin to develop your plan. Please note: other courses may count toward your Nexus, such as five college courses, study abroad courses, or courses not on the list and will need advisor approval. 
  4. Submit your Plan of Study Form to the Nexus Coordinator in Dwight 217g or Director, Eleanor Townsley.
  5. Finally, submit the Declaration or Change of Minor form to the Registrar's Office.