Development Studies Courses

Each student will choose a set of courses that relate to her particular interests in the field of development. The following courses are focused on development-related issues, but other courses could also count for the Nexus.  Interested students should consult with Professor Corson.


  • Anthropology 216: Anthropology and Human Rights (offered annually)
  • Economics 213: Economic Development: A Survey (offered annually, will be offered Spring 2014 instead of Fall 2013)
  • Environmental Studies 101: Introduction to the Theories and History of Development (FA 2012 only)
  • Environmental Studies 210: Political Ecology (offered annually)
  • Environmental Studies 315: Qualitative Research Methods (offered annually)
  • Geography 217: African Environments (offered annually, but not Fall 2013)
  • Geography 313: Third World Development (offered annually)
  • History 206: African Cities: Development Dreams and Nightmares (offered biennially)
  • History 214: History of Global Inequality (offered annually)
  • History 296-02: African Women: Food and Power (offered infrequently)
  • Politics 261: Transnational Social Movements in World Politics (offered annually)


  • Anthropology 245: Global Health and Humanitarianism (offered biennially)
  • Economics 314: Economic Development in the Age of Globalization (offered annually)
  • Economics 225: Economics of Health and Health Care (offered annually, but not Spring 2014)
  • Environmental Studies 341: Science, Power and Environmental Governance (offered annually)
  • Geography 208: Migrations, Diasporas, and Refugees (offered annually)
  • Geography 319: Africa Problems and Prospects (offered annually)
  • History 290: Education and Capacity in African History (offered biennially)
  • African Studies 300: African Studies Capstone (at Smith College; offered Spring 2013 only)