For Faculty

The Nexus program supports faculty course development and new initiatives and integrates the liberal arts education with student’s career goals. The faculty offer dedicated advising, new course opportunities, and collaborative approaches to engage students. Several faculty have been awarded Nexus Curriculum Development grants for the academic year 2018-2019 to support curricular development, host faculty seminars, and bring in embedded practitioners to enhance a students' experience and their overall nexus plan of study (see below).

Nexus Grants for Academic Year 2019-2020
Nexus Spring 2019 Course Offerings

2018-2019 Awards

Curricular Grants

Mara Benjamin
Children and Childhood Religion, Fall 2018
Educational Policy

Desmond Fitz-Gibbon
History of British Capitalism, Spring 2019
Development Studies

David Hernandez
Aliens, Anti-citizens, and Identity, Spring 2019
Law, Public Policy & Human Rights

Lan Wu
Women in History: Women and Gender in China, Spring 2019
Museums, Archives, Public History

Elizabeth Markovits
Art & Politics, Spring 2019
Journalism & Media

Jennifer Matos
Teaching STEM in Puerto Rico, Spring 2019
Educational Policy

Ken Tucker
Collective Behavior and Social Movements, Spring 2019
Journalism & Media

Embedded Practitioner Grant Awards

Amy Rodgers
Activist Shakespeare, Fall 2018
Educational Policy & Nonprofits

Ying Wang
Androgyny and Gender Negotiation in Contemporary Chinese Women's Theatre, Fall 2018
Educational Policy

Bettina Bergmann
Collecting Global Antiquity: A Museum-based seminar, Fall 2018
Museums, Archives, Public History

Holly Hanson
African Informal Economies, Spring 2019
Development Studies

Veronica Yanez
Human Rights Lab: Transnational Perspectives on LGBTQI and Women's Rights, Spring 2019
Law, Public Policy & Human Rights

Linked Courses

Steven Schmeiser & Rick Feldman
Corporate Governance | Organizations & Finance, Fall 2018
Global Business & Nonprofits