Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What year does a student begin Nexus?

A: It is beneficial to start thinking about the Nexus program early. Most students would find an internship to be most helpful after sophomore or junior year. 

Q: If I am interested in Nexus, who do I contact?
Interested students should first discuss a possible Nexus with the director of Nexus. In putting together their Nexus plan, they should also consult with the faculty chair of their Nexus track. 

Q: Do I have to find my own internship?
Yes. Learning to find an internship is the best preparation for finding a job later.  Jenny Watermill, Program Manager, Experiential Learning, can help you find internships and other experiences suitable for Nexus.

Q: How can I fund my internship?
Remember, paid employment is always a possibility for your Nexus experience. Use MHC's Lynk UAF to apply for funding for unpaid summer projects.