Global Business

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All economic life is increasingly impacted by the forces of globalization. This Nexus introduces students to the contemporary corporate world, the role of global markets, and debates about appropriate regulation and long-term implications. Students will explore in depth the tools of corporate leadership, the sociology of organizations, and models of regulation. Students may pursue internships with national or international for profit corporations to complete the experiential requirement for this Nexus track.

Global Business Abroad

Courses (in the course catalog)

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Economics 213 Economic Development
Economics 215 Economics of Corporate Finance
Economics 249EN Global Entrepreneurship
Economics 270 Accounting
Economics 307  Seminar: Industrial Organization
Economics 349DE Advanced Economic Development
Economics 249ME Managerial Economics
Economics 349PE International Political Economy
EOS 210 Opportunities and Impact
EOS 239 Business Organizations and Finance
EOS 249 Ethics in Entrepreneurship/Business
EOS 299ND Individuals and Organizations
EOS 310 Social Entrepreneurship Capstone
EOS 349NQ/SOC 316DG Organizations and Inequality
HIST 252 History of Money and Finance
POLIT 267 The Politics of Finance
SOC 239 How Capitalism Works