Journalism, Media, and Public Discourse Courses

Students interested in the Journalism, Media, and Public Discourse Nexus should should choose two courses at the 200 level (with one of them being a writing-intensive course) and one course at the 300 level. Courses include but are not limited to those on the list below. Other courses can count for the Journalism and Media Nexus, and interested students should talk to Professor Eleanor Townsley or Professor Ken Tucker.

200 Level

  • English 202, Introduction to Journalism
  • English 206, Expository Prose: Making the Argument
  • English 267, Reading and Writing in the World
  • Film Studies 210, Beginning Video Production
  • Film Studies 230, Documentary Film
  • History 283, American Media History
  • International Relations 214, War and Propaganda
  • Politics 229, Propaganda and War
  • Spanish 250MG, Spanish Migrations 
  • Sociology 216, Sociology of Media
  • Sociology 234, Social Problems
  • Spanish 240, The Other (in the) Media: New Media & Otherness in the Americas (linked with IR 337, International Human Rights Advocacy)

300 Level

  • Asian Studies 312 Newspaper Reading and Journalistic Practices in China
  • English 300, Narrative Nonfiction
  • English 301, Digital and Multimedia Journalism
  • English 301, Health and Science Journalism
  • English 301, Journalism History and Ethics
  • English 301-02, Magazine Writing sequence I
  • English 301-02, Magazine Writing sequence II
  • English 349, Globalization and Culture
  • Gender Studies 333s, The Art of Fact: Writing the Lives of Women
  • History 301, Reading the New York Times: Journalism, History and Power
  • IR 321, Culture and Transnational Social Movements
  • Politics 361, Politics and Rhetoric
  • Psychology 319, Psychology and the Media
  • Spanish 350, Digital Storytelling