Nexus Grants for Faculty

Grants for Academic Year 2017 - 2018 Due May 15th - 5:00 PM

As you plan your classes for the coming academic year 2017-18, you are invited to consider applying for a Nexus Curriculum Development grant. 

Types of grants

  • One or more faculty may apply for funds up to $4,000 for sustained work to develop a NEW course or $2000 for sustained work to REVISE a course that will support one or more of the Nexus tracks.
  • Pairs of faculty can apply for Nexus funds of $1500 each to link their classes. Minimally, linked classes would connect students in each class in meaningful shared work. This may be an assignment, sustained discussion, or joint class meetings.
  • Embedded Practitioner Grants are intended to support faculty efforts to bring a practitioner into the classroom to engage in sustained relationships with students in some way. There are different models for including embedded practitioners in your classroom. Previous practitioners have taught or co-taught entire courses at the College’s visitor rate, they have occupied short-term residencies, or participated in ongoing virtual involvement in a course. For shorter-term visitors, awards have ranged from $3,000-$6,000, depending on number of practitioners and length of involvement with the course.
  • A group of faculty may apply for funds up to $7,500 to support a faculty seminar devoted to creating a new Nexus track.

Guidelines for Application

In each case, we ask that you address the following questions in your 2-3 page proposal.

  1. Which Nexus track will your proposed course support? What level is the course and what is the anticipated student demand? (See list of tracks below for contacts details for track chairs)
  2. How does the proposed course contribute to existing Nexus track offerings? Does it fill a gap in offerings?
  3. How sustainable is the course? Will it be taught on an ongoing basis? What department or program will sponsor it? If several faculty members are involved, how many are willing and able to teach this course on a rotating basis?
  4. How is the course related to College Learning Goals and our curriculum to career commitment?

If you are requesting funds for an Embedded Practitioner, proposals should include a description of the course(s) in which practitioner(s) would participate with a focus on the nature and duration of the practitioner’s role in the course and the potential for creating a sustained relationship between the college and the practitioner(s). Please list the potential candidates for the position and include their C.V.s.

It is useful to chat with the Nexus track chair when proposing a course in a track. 

Please email proposals to the nexus Director, Eleanor Townsley ( Eligible applicants are continuing teaching faculty of all ranks who will be teaching in Fall 2017 or Spring 2018. A Nexus proposal committee will review proposals. If you have any other questions, please ask Eleanor Townsley or Nexus Coordinator Katie Walker.