Museums, Archives, and Public History

Track Chairs

The Nexus in Museums, Archives, and Public History allows students to explore careers which draw specifically on capacities developed in the study of the humanities. These fields require multiple literacies: professionals must be fluent in understanding, analyzing, and communicating about visual artifacts, material culture/objects, historical landscapes, and digital sources. The two 200 level courses preceding an internship should be chosen to help the student develop relevant skills and/or to provide a context for the work she wants to do. A 300 level course following the internship will allow Nexus students to complete a portfolio or project which demonstrated their curatorial abilities. Additionally, students will take four credits of pre- and post- internship courses that facilitate thoughtful engagement with the internship opportunity. While the Nexus certificate requires one internship, a concentration in museums, archives, and public history depends upon internships as a component of professional training, so students undertaking the Nexus should explore a succession of internships at Mount Holyoke and elsewhere in a way that will allow them to develop a significant set of skills.

Courses (in the course catalog)

Suggested Courses to create individual plans of study. Please note: This is a list of courses with a concentration on collections or archives. Depending upon students' individual interests, they can select other courses than those listed below in consultation with the Nexus track chair.

FYSEM-110WT-01 Writing about Pictures
FYSEM-110MY-01 Classical Myth in Western Art 
FYSEM  110BK-01 Books within Books 
FYSEM  110CY-01 Cyberpunks in the Digital Age 
FYSEM 110PC-01 Op-Ed: Politics/Culture/Arts 
FYSEM-110EM Emily Dickinson at Mount Holyoke
FYSEM-110FA Fashion, Style and Design
FYSEM-110FD Italian Food Culture Between Tradition and Modern Business (rare book collection)
FYSEM-110FR The Meaning of Friendship
FYSEM-110GP Gender and Power in the History of Mount Holyoke College
FYSEM-110LG Slang: Community/Power/Language
FYSEM-110MW Mapping the World, the Mind, the Self
FYSEM-110PQ Politics of Inequality: Social Movements in the U.S.
FYSEM-110PS Self-Portraiture
FYSEM-110PY Anthropology of Play
FYSEM-110UW American Women's Fiction, 1900 to Now
FYSEM Art and Society
AFCNA-339/ENGL-339 The Visual Culture of Protest
ARTH-295P-01 Independent Study w/Museum Practicum 
ARTH-242 History of Photography: The First Hundred Years 
ARTH-271 Arts of Islam: Book, Mosque, and Palace
ARTH 300-01 Critical Approaches to Art Historical Study
ARTH-310-01 Collecting Global Antiquity
ARTH-310-01 Architecture and Technology
ARTH-ARTH-290MU-01 Museumized: Hist/Ethics/Work
ANTHR 216AF-01 Archaeology of Food
ANTHR-316MU Special Topics in Anthropology: Anthropology in/of Museums
COMSC-151HC Humanities Computing
ENGL-362-01 (95257) The Bloomsbury Group
FLMST-201-01  Introduction to Film
FLMST-220MD-01  Introduction to Media Studies
GNDST-204CP Women and Gender in the Study of Culture: 'Trap Doors and Glittering Closets: Queer/Trans* of Color Politics of Recognition, Legibility, Visibility and Aesthetics'
GNDST-241HP Women and Gender in Science: 'Feminist Health Politics'
GNDST-333GS Advanced Seminar: 'Gender and Sexual Minority Health'
GNDST-333SS Advanced Seminar: 'Gender and Class in the Victorian Novel'
GEOL-201-01 Rocks and Minerals
HIST-280 DD Topics in North American History: Diversity, Inclusion, and Daily Democracy in US History
HIST-283MC Topics in the Recent History of the United States: 'We Didn't Start the Fire: The United States Since WW II'
HIST-252 History of Money and Finance
IR-348 The Art of Seeing Things
ITAL-221CT Introduction to Italian Culture and Literature I: 'Cities in the Italian Renaissance' Italian Writers'
PHIL-350WU Topics in Philosophy: 'Women and Utopias'
POLIT-233 Introduction to Feminist Theory
POLIT-255PA Gender and Power in Global Contexts: 'The Politics of Abortion in the Americas'
POLIT-300 Art & Politics

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