Public History, Archives, and Museums

Track Chair

Christine DeLucia, Assistant Professor of History

The Nexus in Public History, Museums, Archives and Digital Humanities allows students to explore careers which draw specifically on capacities developed in the study of the humanities. These fields require multiple literacies: professionals must be fluent in understanding, analyzing, and communicating about visual artifacts, material culture/objects, historical landscapes, and digital sources. The two 200 level courses preceding an internship should be chosen to help the student develop relevant skills and/or to provide a context for the work she wants to do. A 300 level course following the internship will allow Nexus students to complete a portfolio or project which demonstrated their curatorial abilities. Additionally, students will take four credits of  pre- and post- internship courses that facilitate thoughtful engagement with the internship opportunity. While the Nexus certificate requires one internship, museums, archives, and public history depend on internships as a component of professional training, and a student undertaking the Nexus should consider undertaking a succession of internships at Mount Holyoke and elsewhere in a way that will allow her to develop a significant set of skills.

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