WiDS Conference Livestream

Women in Data Science

Viewing the conference via livestream

The livestream will begin at noon on Friday, Feb. 3. 

The livestream can be watched directly on this page, or accessed through the livestream link.

See the troubleshooting section below if you are having problems with the livestream.



Prepare for livestream login
Before logging into the Women in Data Science (WiDS) conference livestream, make sure that your system is ready, you are connected to the internet, and your speakers are working. Here are the system requirements and supported browsers for watching livestream. You can test your system by going to livestream.com/watch, and make system and volume adjustments prior to logging in.

Common issues with livestream

Hearing an echo—check to see if you have the livestream open in two tabs, as that will produce an echo.
Unable to get to a network—check the network security at your venue, and get permission to use the internet on site

Log-in before the conference begins

The WiDS livestream will start at 11:45 a.m. EST on Friday, February 3.

If you've tried everything, and need a little support on February 3

Contact Brian Tempero on the #widsambassadors Slack channel @btempero, or via email to btempero@stanford.edu.