Students who are completely new to philosophy can to take Phil 101 or 103, which offers a broad introduction to the subject. Phil/FYS 102 offers a smaller seminar setting with a variety of topics for beginning students. If you've done some philosophy and enjoyed it, we encourage you to take a 200 level course with a number lower than 220 such as 201 (Ancient Greek Philosophy), 202 (Modern Philosophy), 205 (Ethics), 208 (Knowledge and Reality), or 210 (Logical Thought). Courses at this level require no previous knowledge, but offer more useful background for other philosophy courses, and can be used to satisfy a possible minor.

We also offer a number of special interest courses that are accessible to beginning students and have no prerequisites, such as Symbolic Logic, Medical Ethics, Women and Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy, and Philosophy of the Arts.

More advanced courses draw upon the writing skills and content of these courses. We offer, on a regular basis, topics in the systematic study of one philosopher, advanced logic, meta- and normative ethics, and the Philosophy of Art. We also offer a course on Philosophy for Children, in which students introduce and teach philosophical topics to school children.

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Five College Philosophy Courses