Current Courses

Spring 2015

Phil 101 Introduction to Philosophy
Phil 202 Philosophical Foundations of Western Thought:  The Modern Period
PHIL 225
Symbolic Logic
PHIL 238
Ethics of Career Choice
Phil 249 Women and Philosophy
PHIL 250
Topics in Philosophy - Philosophy of Mind:  Science of Happiness
PHIL 255 Existentialism
PHIL 260 Topics in Applied Philosophy - Global Bioethics and Public Health
Phil 321 Seminar in Philosophy of Language
Phil 350
Topics in Philosophy: Socrates Against the Sophists
PHIL 373 Philosophy of Art "Illustration"

Fall 2015

Phil 101 Introduction to Philosophy
FYSEM 110WM First Year Seminar: God, Free Will, and Morality
Phil 201
Philosophical Foundations of Western Thought - The Greek Period
Phil 205 Ethics
Phil 210 Logical Thought
Phil 248
Philosophical Issues in Race and Racism
Phil 260
Philosophy of Law
Phil 280
Philosophy for Children
Phil 334 Topics in Ethics - Moral Relativism
Phil 327 Advanced Logic