Current Courses

Fall 2014

Phil 101 Introduction to Philosophy
FYSEM 110WL First Year Seminar: Philosophy As a Way of Life
Phil 201
Philosophical Foundations of Western Thought - The Greek Period
Phil 205 Ethics
Phil 209 Probability and Causation
Phil 210
Logical Thought
Phil 260
Topics in Applied Philosophy:  Problems in Global Ethics
Phil 280
Philosophy for Children
Phil 350 Topics in Philosophy - Freedom and Responsibility
Phil 375 Philosophy of Film

Spring 2015

Phil 101 Introduction to Philosophy
Phil 202 Philosophical Foundations of Western Thought:  The Modern Period
PHIL 225
Symbolic Logic
PHIL 238
Ethics of Career Choice
Phil 249 Women and Philosophy
PHIL 250
Topics in Philosophy - Philosophy of Mind:  Science of Happiness
PHIL 255 Existentialism
PHIL 260 Topics in Applied Philosophy - Global Bioethics and Public Health
Phil 321 Seminar in Philosophy of Language
Phil 350
Topics in Philosophy: Socrates Against the Sophists
PHIL 373 Philosophy of Art "Illustration"