Current Courses

Spring 2017
PHIL 103   Comparative Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 202  Philosophical Foundations of Western Thought: The Modern Period
PHIL 225  Symbolic Logic
PHIL 249  Women and Philosophy
PHIL 250  Topics: History of Analytic Philosophy
PHIL 260 (01) Topics in Applied Philosophy: Medical Ethics
PHIL 260 (02) Topics in Applied Philosophy: Problems in Global Ethics: Climate Change, War, and Poverty
PHIL 260 (03) Topics in Applied Philosophy: Ethics in Entrepreneurship and Business
PHIL 270 Topics in Ethics: Epistemology
PHIL 350 (01) Topics in Philosophy: Freedom and Responsibility
PHIL 350 (02) Topics in Applied Philosophy: Mind and Action

Fall 2017
PHIL 101 (01) Introductions to Philosophy
PHIL 201 (01) The Greek Period
PHIL 210 (01) Logical Thought
PHIL 260LW (01) Philosophy of Law
PHIL 260ME (01) Medical Ethics
PHIL 272 (01) Metaphysics
PHIL 273 (01) Philosophy of the Arts
PHIL 327 (01) Advanced Logic
FYSEM-110 God, Free Will, and Morality
PHIL 469 Reasons for Belief in Action**
**This course meets at Amherst College-Register through the five college catalog