Mount Holyoke students (from left) Tracy Keya ’18, Mosimiloluwa Esan ’18 and Sarah Sarah McCool ’18 won a business ethics competition by arguing that Apple Inc. must move to improve conditions in cobalt mines in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Three seniors win big at an international competition for business ethics, the College’s second year at the event — and its second big win.
At work: summer 2019 Time magazine intern Madeline Fitzgerald ’21
Madeline Fitzgerald ’21 discusses how she is connecting attending a small liberal arts college to study politics and philosophy with becoming a journalist.
Students at the Philosophy Society
Students debating cool things at the Philosophy Society weekly meeting
Nina Emery
“I came to MHC for the opportunity to teach such a diverse group of brilliant undergraduates and work on a campus with such a strong sense of community.”
Nina Emery and Katia Vavova and their babies.
New Babies, Alumnae visits, Five College Philosophy Conference, and Philosophy Society Debates