The Philosophy Major and Minor

 The Philosophy Major

A major in philosophy at Mount Holyoke provides students with a broad understanding of historical and contemporary philosophical thought. Majors graduate with the tools and enthusiasm needed to conduct philosophical inquiry, a good understanding of important philosophical themes, and strong skills in critical reasoning.

The major requires a minimum of 36 credits in philosophy, with at least 12 at the 300 level.  An overview of major requirements is in the Philosophy section of the course catalogue. Details of how these requirements have been interpreted and implemented can be found here.  For students considering majoring in philosophy, or students already majoring who want reaffirmation of the wisdom of their choice, see Why Study Philosophy.

The Philosophy Minor

Like the major, the minor provides an understanding of some of the structure and content of current philosophical thinking. It consists of at least 16 credits above the 100 level and at least 4 credits at the 300 level. Students are encouraged to design a course of study that includes both philosophical breadth and some upper-level work in an area of special interest.