Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a fee for some physical education classes (pilates, yoga, tai chi, fencing)?
We want to offer a wider range of activities for students, including those our faculty do not have expertise in. Classes taught by qualified people who are not on our faculty have a fee.

If I complete half a semester of a full semester course, will I be granted one PE unit?
No, you must complete the full semester to receive your two units.

Can I get physical education credit for exercising on my own time?
No, you have to be enrolled in a physical education class at Mount Holyoke or another similar college or university. See the Physical Education chapter of the course catalog for more details.

Should I dress for activity for the first class day?
At the beginning of each semester, all physical education classes meet for the first class in the gymnasium. During this first meeting, instructors will inform students of all class policies and proper dress, equipment, etc. Students do not need to dress for activity for this class. For all six-week physical education classes that begin mid-semester, students are expected to dress appropriately and come ready to participate in the first class session.

I am on the waitlist for a class I want to get into. Will I get into the class?
All waitlisted students are encouraged to attend the first class session to determine if there is space available in the class. Registered students and waitlist students who do not show for the first class will be dropped from the class list.

Do I need a locker in Kendall and if so, how do I get one?
Most students do not need lockers in Kendall as most students come dressed for class or bring their activity gear with them to class. For those students who want a locker, contact the Kendall front desk worker after the first week of classes.

How are physical education classes graded?
All physical education classes are graded pass/fail based on attendance and active participation in the class. You are allowed four absences, of which two must be made up for full semester courses. For half-semester courses, two absences are allowed and one must be made up. See the Physical Education chapter of the course catalog for more details.