Physics Alumnae Stories

Alumnae who have majored in physics have branched out into an array of fields. The department keeps a close eye on what our alums are doing as they carry the foundation from their physics background into fields scientific, technical, and otherwise in society.

Mount Holyoke students and alumnae can conduct informational interviews with alumnae working in the field through the Alumnae Association Career Directory. Search alumnae by major or career field. In addition, some alumnae are participating in the Alumnae Stay Program which is a network of Alumnae who have offered to temporarily host students or alumnae traveling for academic or professional growth.

Michelle Johannes ’93, Research Physicist
Michelle Johannes ’93 is an expert in the physics of energy in the lab — and on the volleyball court.
Amy Longstreth + Teresa Herd
Amy Longstreth ’17: Her goal is to pursue biomedical engineering and she is working in the Herd Lab.
Margaret Stevens
Margaret Stevens '14: Solar cell research at MHC led me to the electrical engineering Ph.D. program at Tufts University.
Shehzeen Hussain. Photo by John Martins
A woman in the heavily male fields of physics and engineering, Shehzeen Hussain ’14 wants to solve community energy problems using both.
Gillian Hagen
Gillian Hagen '20: Joining Alexi Arango's research team as a first-year student built confidence in the classroom and the laboratory.
Dr. Ashfia Huq
Dr. Ashfia Huq '96: Making lithium ion and other batteries better using neutron scattering.
Melissa Holmes ’90
Mount Holyoke Alumnae Make Meaningful Contributions Behind the Scenes: Melissa Holmes ’90
Abigail Daane
Abigail Daane ’04: Professors at MHC showed me it was possible to balance career and family.
Laura Congreve Hunter
Laura Congreve Hunter ’17: Processing astronomical images is how raw images taken by telescopes becomes useful information for astronomers
Emma Thackray '18, Student Researcher
Emma Thackray ’18: In Professor Nordstrom's lab, Emma is studying project the behavior of photo-elastic particles.
Lydia Young
Lydia Young '75: MHC helped her become a strong leader in a field with few women
Ye Zhang
Ye Zhang '20: Starting strong with electrical properties research in the Aidala Lab at Mount Holyoke College.
Photo of Lina Cashin ’88
Colonel Lina Rivero Cashin ’88 credits her dual-degree in math and physics for helping her enter the space operations career field