Course Sequence

Physics courses at Mount Holyoke range from introductory-level courses on the foundations of physics to advanced courses in such topics as quantum mechanics, mathematical methods, electronics, analytical mechanics, statistical mechanics, thermodynamics, and electromagnetic theory.

The department offers two types of introductory course sequences. Physics 100f-150s is a noncalculus sequence for students with a general interest in physics. Physics 110-201 is a calculus-based sequence intended for physics majors and is appropriate for those interested in engineering. See the physics course catalog for detailed advice on getting started in physics and for sample programs for physics majors.

All majors must complete at least 4 credits of advanced independent study in physics, which may be either a project related to the research of a faculty member or, under faculty supervision, a project of the student's own design.

Students planning to pursue graduate study in physics are encouraged to take at least one graduate-level course in physics at UMass.

If you have taken physics before and are not sure which course is the best fit for you, click here.

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