Student Theses

The senior honor's thesis provides a capstone experience for the physics major who loves research. A thesis involves eight credits of independent study that results in substantial progress towards a new scientific result.

2017 Thesis

  • Amy Longstreth
    "Ultrasonic characterization of HCT cells in the 2-25 MHz range"

2016 Theses

 2015 Theses

 2014 Theses

  • Thao Do Vy Ly (Hampshire College)
    "Mechanical Characterization of Hydrogel Thin Films via Atomic Force Miscroscopy Nanoindentation"
  • Margaret Stevens
    "Employing Cascade Energy Structures in Next-Generation Photovoltaic Devices"

2013 Theses

 2012 Theses

2011 Theses

2010 Theses

2009 Theses

2008 Thesis

2007 Theses

2006 Theses

  • Saryu Jindal (Chemistry)
    "The Role of Distortions in Proton Conduction Through KTaO3 and SrZrO3"
  • Preema R. Pais
    "Reducing Background in the T Neutrino Mass Limiting Decay"
  • Tiffany M. Picard (Astronomy)
    "Rotational Properties and Radii of the Stars in NGC 2264: Extending the Timeline of Angular Momentum Evolution"
  • Yarrow Rothstein (Astronomy)
    "Spectroscopy of Jarosite Minerals, and Implications for the Mineralogy of Mars"

2005 Theses

2004 Theses

  • Michelle M. Boudreau (Chemistry)
    "Fluorescence and Luminescence Studies to Characterize the Binding of Tuberactinomycin A to Pre-Trna LEU"
  • Abigail R. Daane (Astronomy)
    "Brightness and Color Variations in the Hot Pulsating Horizontal branch Star PG1627+017"
  • Elizabeth A. Fenstermacher
    "Characterization of Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers Using Thermal Profiling Techniques"
  • Maria O. Hunter
    "Pacific Equatorial Current Systems During the Waning of the 2002-2003 El Niño"
  • Dion C. McIntosh
    "Background Suppression in the Study of the Rare Decay B÷ Xs1+1- Using Multi-Variable Data Analysis"
  • Suchi Saria (CS)
    "Hierarchical Plan Recognition for Multiagent Systems"

2003 Theses

  • Piwai H.R. Dakwa (Chemistry)
    "Chemical Immobilization of Poly(ethylene) on Poly(ethylene terepthalate) for Improved Biocompatibility
  • Sawsan Eskander (Mathematics)
    "The NTRU Cryptosystem"
  • Wakako Fukui (Astrophysics)
    "Spectroscopic Study of Luminous X-ray Sources in Nearby Galaxies"
  • Muluwork Geremew (Physics Indep Work)
    "Modeling of a Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser with an Intra-Cavity Quantum Well Absorber"
  • Phoebe A. Judge (Physics 2002)
    "A Comparative Study of the Effects of Optical Feedback on the Coherence Length and Polarization Stability of Proton-Implanted and Oxide-Confined Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers"
    (Geology 2003)
    "The Origin and Significance of the Magnetic Fabrics in the Granites of the Cadillac Mountain Intrusive Complex, Maine"
  • Hannah K. Kolak (Music)
    "An Examination of 20th Century Tonality Through a Case Study and a Concert of Original Compositions (An Evening of New Music, 3-29-03)"
  • Jennifer K. Quanseh (Chemistry)
    "Functionalization of Glass Surfaces for the Assembling of Polystyrene Spheres"

2002 Theses

  • Katherine M. Boates
    "Reduction of Modal Noise in Multimode Fiber Systems Employing Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers versus Edge-Emitting Lasers"
  • Tania A. Henry
    "An Experimental Investigation of Modal Noise in Optical Fiber"
  • Kathryn M. Peek (Astronomy/Physics)
    "The Disruption of a Small Icy Satellite and the Evolution of the Resulting Debris Ring: a Formation Scenario for Saturn's Rings"

2001 Theses

  • Tara E. Cubel
    "How Do Foams Age?: Modeling Coarsening Effects on Foam"
  • Nitya J. Kallivayalil
    "On the Effect of Electron Collisions in the Excitation of Cometary HCN"
  • Joanna L. Minott (Geophysics)
    "The Effects of Precipitation on the Magnet Properties of Bignell Loess (8.5ka), Nebraska"
  • Charis Quay Huey Li
    "The Effect of Optical Feedback on the Coherence Length of Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers"
  • Kirstin A. Walther
    "Modeling of a Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers with an Intra-Cavity Quantum Well Absorber"
  • Iva P. Zaharieva
    "Effects of Optical Feedback on the Lasing Behaviour and Polarization Stability of Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers"

2000 Thesis

  • Marion M. Blackwell
    "Temperature Dependence of the Mössbauer Effect in Grunerite"

1999 Theses

  • Rebecca L. Beauchamp
    "Building a Muon Telescope to Track Cosmic Ray Muons"
  • Jillian S. Testa
    "Construction of a Cyclotron Mass Spectrometer"

1998 Theses

  • Shanthi Divakaran
    "Airport Security and Explosive Detection"
  • Hannah Broom (Chemistry)
    "Polyanhydrides in Drug Delivery Systems"

1997 Theses

  • Shireen N. Alam
    "A Multi-Open Geiger Cell Detector"
  • Valorie E. Burkholder
    "Roll With It: Studies of Turbulence and Vorticity Within Rain Waves"
  • Sharon V. King
    "The Transient Electromagnetic Method:a Tool for Geophysical Exploration"
  • Anand K. Landrum
    "Ozone Production and Disintegration"
  • Sally A. McFarlane
    "An Investigation of Variability in Marine Boundary Clouds"
  • Beth A. Perriello (Astrophysics)
    "Photometric Observations and Analysis of the Cataclysmic Variable, V1159 Orionis"

1996 Theses

  • Jennifer F. Kaira
    "Mathematical Modeling for Micromachines"
  • Dorothy A. Najolia
    "FFT Analysis of Operatic Voices"
  • Beth G. Scherer
    "Measuring the Cross-section of Positrons Incident on Molecular Hydrogen Gas Using a Magnetic Gradient Spectrometer"
  • Ashna R. Sen
    "Wrinkle Formation on Thin Rubber Sheets"
  • Heather M. Waterman (Geology)
    "P-T History of Part of the Elzevir Terraine, Grenville Province, Southern Ontario"
  • Karen Bourque Werner (Astrophysics)
    "A Study of the Time Delay of the Twin Quasar Q0957+561"
  • Wen-Hei Yang
    "A Geiger Cell for Particle Tracking"

1995 Theses

  • Ming H.W. Cheng
    "The Design and Implementation of an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC): Particle Detector Track Finder"
  • Hannah Wilson Phelps
    "Investigation of Synthetic Diamond As a Moderator in Mount Holyoke's Positron Beam"

1994 Theses

  • Rebecca M. Hammer
    "Experimental Test of Quantum Mechanical Tunneling"
  • Amy R. Lesser
    "The Effect of Environment on the Star Formation Efficiency of Spiral Galaxies"
  • Jessica D. Pollchik (Chemistry)
    "An In Vivo NMR Study of the Formation And Degradation of Poly ( Beta-Hydroxyalkanoates) Produced by Pseudomonas Oleovorans"
  • Jennifer L. Rochlis
    "Evolution and the Williston Observatory"
  • Amy F. Tsang
    "The Design and Construction of the Cyclotron Mass Spectrometer"
  • Trisha C.
    "White The Einstein-Podolosky-Rosen Paradox:An Experimental Demonstration"

1993 Theses

  • Tian Ge Chang
    "Design and Fabrication of an Integrated Circuit"
  • Vibhavaree Gargeya
    "Dynamics of a Many Body Oscillator"
  • Michelle D. Johannes
    "Mathematical Modeling and Interpretation Of Cell Wrinkle Patterns in Silicone Rubber Substrata"
  • Dianne J. Keller (Mathematics)
    "Characteristics of Peaks of the Divisor Function"
  • Sarah K. Makoski
    "Design and Construction of a Slow Positron Beam"
  • Sujata Vemuri
    "Development of a Low Energy Positron Beam"
  • Rebecca J. Younkin
    "Measuring Relativistic Velocities of Electrons"

1992 Theses

  • Honor Davidson Glenn (Biophysics)
    "Plant Nuclear Lamins: Biochemical and Structural Features"
  • Eden E. Meyer
    "Examination of Ion Implantation in Single Crystal Silicon with High Resolution Electron Microscopy"
  • Nazli M. Nomanbhoy
    "Simulation of an Ocean Thermal Energy Power Plant in the Laboratory"
  • Hye-Yong Pak (German)
    "Adam and Eve Once Again?: Guilt of Gotthelf's Black Spider, Raabe's Else Of the Firtree, and Fontane's Effi Briest"
  • Tracy Z. Webster
    "Determining the Mass Loss Rates of Red Giants from CO Observation"
  • Gwynne M. Wesley (Chemistry)
    "The Pressure and Temperature Dependence of Multiphoton Ionization Spectroscopy Of Molecular Iodine"

1991 Thesis

  • Catrina M. Hamilton (Astrophysics)
    "A Report on the Whately Telescope System: The autanatian of the Dome and the Capability of the In Sb Infrared Photometer"