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From Vet Tech to Scientist
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Moureen Kemei, '10

Materials Department
University of California, Santa Barbara

I study the coupling of magnetic interactions to the structure of oxide materials.  I use a variety of characterization techniques to exam magnetostructural coupling including: high resolution synchrotron power X-ray diffraction, neutron power diffraction, magnetic susceptibility, and heat capacity. These studies are important for understanding the magnetic ground states of antiferromagnetic oxides which exhibit highly degenerate ground states. Novel states of matter are predicted to arise in such degenerate systems with new opportunities for magnetic memory storage. I also explore new materials where magnetic ordering can give rise to a finite electrical polarization. These materials are also important for memory storage applications enabling data to be electrically written and magnetically read with high efficiency.

My research at MHC on understanding the magnetic states of ferromagnetic nanorings in many ways complements my graduate work. I developed an understanding for magnetism which I continue to apply in my current work. My background in physics has also been invaluable in understanding coursework, research, and research seminars in graduate school. I have found great friends and mentors among my colleagues and professors at MHC.

I am looking forward to the rest of my graduate student experience. I hope to continue pursuing research as a post-doctoral scientist in the near future. Ultimately, I hope to pursue a career in academia, teaching and doing research in materials physics.

Katie Greenberg Pooley, '09

Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering
Harvard University, Cambridge Massachusetts

I am a fourth year graduate student in Applied Physics working on fabricating and measuring devices made out of zinc oxide

During my time at Mount Holyoke I gained a tremendous amount of hands on experience in the lab.  That experience along with the knowledge I gained in the classroom has allowed me to explore my passion for research.

In the future I want to work in the science and research industry.  I have become very interested in physics, engineering, and materials science and hope to do cutting edge research which combines these interests.