Physics Community

The Mount Holyoke Physics Department prides itself for being inclusive and encouraging, providing a collaborative environment in which everyone can succeed.

    Why do we have three times the national bachelor institution average of majors each year?
    Why did the Mount Holyoke Physics Department receive the 2012 APS award for Improving Undergraduate Physics Education?
    Why do our majors love their classes and community?

Come find out!

"Spending time in the [physics] lounge helped convince me to major in physics.  We're never competitive with one another; we work as a team and only move forward once it seems everyone understands the material.  Working through problem sets with other students has enabled me to think about physics from many different perspectives." ~Emily Tansey '13

"The lounge is where the physics community comes together to enjoy good company in the spirit of good physics!" ~Madilena Mendiola '15