Spring 2016 Seminars

All seminars will be held in Cleveland L3 at 4:15pm with a reception at 4pm unless otherwise noted.

January 26th

March 1st

  • Prospective Majors Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
  • Kendade 107

March 3rd

March 22nd

March 29th

April 5th

April 11th

  • Electromagnetism: What Is It and What Is It Good For?
  • 12:20-1:05pm, Kendade 203 *Lunch will be provided

April 12th

April 13th

  • Noisy Switches in Gene Networks
  • 12:20-1:05pm, Kendade 203 *Lunch will be provided

April 15th

  • Symmetry and Modern Physics: The Enduring Legacy of Noether’s Theorem
  • 12:20-1:05pm, Kendade 203 *Lunch will be provided

April 19th

SPS special seminar:

  • Chad Orzel
  • What to Tell Your Dog About Einstein
  • 7pm, reception to follow

Fall 2015 Seminars

September 29th

  • Graduate School Panel
  • 4:20pm, Kendade 107

October 6th

October 20th

  • SPS Poster session
  • Kendade Atrium

November 10th

  • When pistachio orchards behave like magnets:The Ising model and period doubling transitions in population dynamics

November 17th

  • Confined colloids: From dynamic artificial cells to luminescent nano-diamond sensors

November 19th

  • Cleveland L2
  • Disordered Proteins & Disease:
Using Physics to Reveal Hidden 
Biological Structure   

December 1st

  • The science of getting sick: The many applications of viral physics

December 3rd

  • Topological Chaos: 
From Ocean Mixing 
to Superfluid Vortices

December 8th

  • Quantum Optomechanics: Moving Macroscopic Objects with Light

Spring 2015 Seminars

February 3nd
Prof. Daniel Aalberts

February 10th
Prof. Scott Franklin

February 17th
Dr. Katharine Jensen

March 3rd

  • Kendade 305
  • Prospective Majors & Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Event!

March 10th
Aline McNaull

March 24th

  • Kendade 107
  • Senior Thesis Workshop

March 31st

  • Faces of Physics exhibit by SPS
  • Kendade Atrium, all day

April 7th

  • Kendade 107
  • Career Panel by SPS

April 23rd
Professor David Griffiths

Fall 2014 Seminars

September 23rd

Prof. Enid Sichel

September 30th

Dr. Lidija Sekaric

October 7th

  • Graduate School Panel
  • Kendade 107

October 21st

Alexandra Manick

October 28th

Prof. Jaideep Taggart Singh

November 11th

  • SPS Poster Session
  • Kendade Atrium

December 2nd

Prof. Mila Kryjevskaia

  • The Role of Dual Process Theory in Probing Student Reasoning in Physics

Fall 2012-Spring 2014 Seminars