Shehzeen Samarah Hussain ‘14

Shehzeen Samarah Hussain ‘14 has worked in assistant professor Arango’s lab for a year. Making the first solar cell is just the beginning, she says. Her next project is to measure the cell’s efficiency - the amount of light that that the cell converts into usable electricity. That efficiency, expected to be about 4 percent, will serve as a benchmark against which future cells will be tested. She first has to assemble and install a solar simulator, a lamp that casts light in the same manner as the sun.

Hussain, who plans on pursuing graduate studies in electrical engineering, appreciates the hands-on experience provided by her research.

“I’ve done everything from repairing equipment to actually making a solar cell. Soon I get to experiment with how we make the cells with different chemistry and materials and processes.”

Sarah Dole