If you are relatively new to the issue of proportional representation and the workings of voting systems, you will want to start your readings here.  These articles contain basic information about what voting systems are, what proportional representation is, what the many advantages of PR voting are, and how the various PR voting systems work.  There is also some useful background material, including a glossary of terms and a survey of the basic kinds of voting systems.

"Should I Be Interested in Proportional Representation?"  A very quick political quiz to see if proportional representation addresses some of your political concerns about American elections.

"What are Voting Systems and Why are They Important?"  A basic description of what a voting system is, along with a short discussion of the important political impacts that these systems can have.

"What is Proportional Representation and Why Do We Need this Reform?"  Essential reading. Explains how PR would cure some of the serious shortcoming of American elections, and exactly why it is superior to our current voting system.

"How Does PR Work?"  A brief explanation of how various forms of PR work, illustrated with ballots. 

"How Can I Help to Promote PR?"  Some ideas for how you can get involved in encouraging this political reform.

"Types of Voting Systems."  A brief survey of the full range of available voting systems, including plurality-majority systems, proportional systems, and semiproportional systems.

Glossary of Terms  Some special terminology is used in the discussion of and analysis of voting systems.  If you come across in your readings a term you don't understand, look it up here.


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