The word “politics” in ordinary conversations may refer to struggles for power or justice among antagonistic individuals or groups; the types of regimes by which people are governed; the ties that bind subjects to rulers or citizens to states; the election of representatives, passage of laws, and voicing of public opinion in democratic societies; and international relations among different polities, whether they be empires, multinational federations, or nation-states. The phrase “international politics” encompasses the waging of war and conducting of peace, the pursuit of national interests in competition with other states, norms of interaction among sovereign states, projects of humanitarian intervention, and collective efforts to enhance state security, global order, and human rights. Therefore, the study of such a complex subject has traditionally been divided into four overlapping fields: political theory, American politics, comparative Politics, and international politics. We offer courses in all four fields, as well as courses that cross the lines between them.
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Courses and Requirements

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Joint BA/MA Program in Geneva

Eligible students have an opportunity to complete a BA at Mount Holyoke and an MA from the  Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in five years, instead of the usual six years.

Participating Mount Holyoke students will spend the fall semester of their senior year at the Graduate Institute in Geneva participating there in the first semester of the MA program. They will return to Mount Holyoke for the spring semester of their senior year and for graduation and then go back to the Graduate Institute for their fifth year of study to complete their Master’s degree.

Deadlines for filing an application to Mount Holyoke are the February prior to the senior year. Please see the Joint BA/MA webpage on the McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives website for more information