The Politics Major and Minor

The Politics Major

A major in politics consists of a minimum of 32 credits and includes courses in American politics, comparative politics, international politics, and political theory.

The Politics Minor

A minor in politics consists of a minimum of 16 creditsat the 200 level (four courses) in at least two of the department’s four subfields: American politics, comparative politics, intenational politics, and political theory. At least 4 credits have to be at the 300 level.

See the Politics chapter of the catalogue for more information.

Students interested in a Politics major are invited to download the Politics Major Checklist and Sample Programs for Politics Majors. The Sample Programs is not meant to be exhaustive and there are many ways to fulfill the requirements of the major. This document just presents two examples to give you an idea of possible courses of study. Be sure to discuss your own particular interests and plans with your advisor. The Politics Major Checklist is also useful for reviewing your previous coursework and planning future classes prior to meeting your advisor. Hard copies of both documents are available in the Politics Department office.