Mentored Research

Publications and Presentations | Research Assistants | Senior Honors Theses

Politics majors engage in a range of independent and collaborative research projects including publishing with faculty and completing senior honor's theses. In addition, many students gain valuable research and writing experience while serving as research assistants for faculty working on their own books and articles.

Publications and Presentations

Amelia Malpas ’22 and Adam Hilton, "Retreating from Redistribution? Trends in Democratic Party Fidelity to Economic Equality, 1984-2020," paper presented at the annual meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association, Chicago, IL, April 14-18, 2021

Adam Hilton and Amelia Malpas ’22, "Biden's Democrats want to roll back the Reagan era. Are the party and the country ready?" Washington Post, March 19, 2021

Ali Aslam, Azulina Green ’17, and Savannah Harriman-Pote ’20, "Co-ops at the University: Lessons from Mo'Coffee," paper presented at the Association for Cooperative Educators Annual Conference, Denver, CO, July 18-20, 2017

Research Assistants

Sarah Bloomgarden ’20, Donari Yahzid ’19, and Olivia Yanchik ’21 for Brett J. Kyle and Andrew G. Reiter, Military Courts, Civil-Military Relations, and the Legal Battle for Democracy: The Politics of Military Justice (Routledge, 2021)

Maggie Rockhill ’20 and Molly Schiffer ’20 for Adam Hilton, True Blues: The Contentious Transformation of the Democratic Party (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2021)

Courtney Brunson ’16 and Tina Khulordava ’16 for Andrew G. Reiter, Fighting Over Peace: Spoilers, Peace Agreements, and the Strategic Use of Violence (Palgrave, 2016)

Omaima Afzaal ’17 and Ricky Frawley ’17 for Ali Aslam, Ordinary Democracy: Sovereignty and Citizenship Beyond the Neoliberal Impasse (Oxford University Press, 2016)

Senior Honors Theses


Madeline Fitzgerald
From Bathroom Stalls to “Born This Way” The Rise and Fall of the Punitive Sexuality Regime in 20th Century America
Advisor: Adam Hilton

Lydia Henning
From Protest Permits to Pepper Spray: Examining Repressive Police Response to Black Lives Matter Demonstrations
Advisor: Andrew Reiter

Maggie Micklo
“When We Fight, We Win”: Analyzing the Chicago Teachers Union’s Practice of Social Movement Unionism from 2010-2020
Advisor: Adam Hilton

Casey Roepke
What to Expect When You’re Existential: The Politics of Reproduction During Times of Climate Crisis
Advisor: Ali Aslam


Sarah Bloomgarden
Commandeering the Ship: The Influence of Insurgent Presidential Campaigns on Political Parties in the United States
Advisor: Adam Hilton

Molly Schiffer
Fragments of Revolution: The Jewish Labor Bund and the Making of American Jewish Political Identity
Advisor: Adam Hilton

Maggie Rockhill
Unchecked Authority: How the Supreme Court Expanded the President's Foreign Powers in Trump v. Hawaii
Advisor: Chris Pyle


Daiana Griffith
Punishment beyond Prison: Denying Housing to Formerly Incarcerated People in Greater Boston
Advisor: Preston H. Smith II

Colby Newsham
Analyzing Social Movement Theory and Sport: Exploring the Presence of Athlete Activism in Brazil and the United States
Advisor: Cora Fernandez Anderson

Zoë Zeligman
Who is in Charge? An Evaluation of Lived-Experience in Working-Class Community Organizations and Their Leadership
Advisor: Preston H. Smith II


Madeline Cook
Coalition as Representation: Revitalizing Democratic Accountability and Participation
Advisor: Elizabeth Markovits


Emma Fishman
Where are the Unmarried Women? The Impact of Truth Commissions on Post-Conflict Gender Relations
Advisor: Andrew G. Reiter

Chloe Pi
Digitizing the Public Space
Advisor: Elizabeth Markovits

Acacia Sheppard
Neoliberalism, Right-Wing Populism, and the Challenge to American Democracy
Advisor: Elizabeth Markovits

Yiying Gloria Xiong
Seeking Stability in Uncharted Waters: The Politics of the US-China-Tawain Trilateral Relationship Since 1979
Advisor: Calvin Chen

Lillie Benowitz
Justice at Work: Towards an Adaptive Workplace
Advisor: Elizabeth Markovits

Zoë Marshall
The Implications of the Built Environment and Individual Sovereignty: An Examination of New York Skyscrapers and Lakota Tipis
Advisor: Elizabeth Markovits


Jemimah Waithira Kamau
An Exploration of the Link Between Education and Voting in Kenya
Advisor: Kim Yi Dionne

Christine Julia Harding
Chasing the American Dream: W.E.B Du Bois, A. Philip Randolph and Booker T. Washington's Impact on the Civil Rights Movement and Citizenship, 1910-1966
Advisors: Preston H. Smith II


Emma Walters
Beyond the Assault: Sexual Violence, Victim Support, and the State
Advisor: Elizabeth Markovits

Alyssa Sheets
Analyzing the Summertime Hunger Paradox: How We Can Improve the USDA’s Summer Meals Program for U.S. Children from Low-Income Households
Advisors: Elizabeth Markovits

Abigail Wise
Identity Politics or "Minority Nationalism?" The Scottish Referendum Through Welsh and Ulster Scots Eyes
Advisors: Penny Gill

Elizabeth Casey-Rutland
Restorative Justice: Recidivism Reduction and Implementation
Advisors: Joan Cocks


Erika Tannor
On the Internet: The Next Chapter in a Genealogy of Subjecthood
Advisor: Joan Cocks


Marcella Jayne
More House Than They Could Afford: The Cumulative Civic Implications of Housing Markets and Policies
Advisor: Preston H. Smith II

Sarah Castle
An Untold Story of Access: Title X Grantees & Abortion Referrals in Rural America
Advisor: Cora Fernadez-Anderson


Sarah Chase
Tea Party for the Left: How Progressives Can Use the Tea Party's Strategy to Promote Their Own Goals
Advisor: Doug Amy

Brittany Finder
Rule of Law Reform in Post-Conflict Environments: Problematic Realities from Kosovo
Advisor: Andrew G. Reiter