Explore health careers

Whether your interest in the health professions is just beginning or has a long history, take the time to explore all of your options. There are many possible career paths, and you will find some more appealing than others.

For each field, ask yourself questions like:

  • What does a person in this profession do?
  • Will I find this work exciting and rewarding?
  • What is involved in the training for this profession?
  • How long does it take?
  • Am I cut out for this?
  • Does working in this field support my beliefs and philosophies?
  • Will this career allow me to pursue the other life goals I have? 
  • What do I want to be doing 10, 20, 30 years from now?

Learn as much as you can about each profession:

  • Explore websites of professional organizations and health professions schools.
  • Talk to practitioners in your field of interest and members of the Committee on the Health Professions.
  • Get practical experience through clinical internships.
  • Attend workshops and presentations hosted by Pre-Health Programs and other campus organizations.
Information on individual professions: