Programs & Resources

The Committee on the Health Professions sponsors a number of programs each year for students interested in the various fields of health. We urge you to take advantage of these programs. Students from ALL classes, first years through seniors, are welcome at all events. These are announced on the Health Professions Email list.

  • Sign-up for the Health Professions Email List -- receive information on workshops, programs, internships/jobs and graduate school visits: 
  • The Health Professions Web page includes information about specific programs and resources, as well as links to relevant Web sites related to careers in health
  • The Pre-Health Programs office maintains a small reference library containing a wealth of valuable information. Please stop by and use these materials.
  • Pre-Health Advising is available to you beginning your first semester, primarily through the Pre-Health Programs office. Later in your career here, you can request formal assignment to a member of the Pre-Health Committee who will, in addition to serving as an advisor, becomes the author of your Committee letter of recommendation. It is important for you to begin fostering a relationship with prospective advisors early in your time here so that they feel they know you well when you ask them to serve as your advisor.
  • All students who are applying to post-graduate programs in the health professions should formally declare their intentions to the Committee no later than March 30th of the year in which they are planning to begin their application. Students declare their intent by completing a “pre-application” packet, available on-line and at the Pre-Health Programs office. This packet is intended to help optimize the student’s efforts in completing an application that will be successful, and to aid the Committee in supporting the student’s application. Students who fail to submit a pre-application packet by the deadline may not receive the full support of the Committee.
  • Standardized Exams: Most schools require you to submit results from a standardized exam as part of your application. The most commonly required exams are the MCAT and GRE, but certain programs will require different exams. A complete list, with links to the exam Web sites, can be found on the Pre-Health Programs’ Web page. Normally, you should plan to take standardized exams in the spring of your junior year. However, don’t take any test until you have taken the necessary prerequisites. Wait until you have the courses under your belt. The Pre-Health Programs office sponsors Kaplan prep courses for the GRE and MCAT.