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As an applicant, you accomplish two very important things in presenting research and internship experience as part of your portfolio. A research project, whether in the sciences or another discipline, speaks to your in-depth mastery of a subject as well as your ability to see a long-term project through to completion. Professional schools also expect applicants to have some firsthand knowledge of the professional field they wish to enter, and so it is very important for you to acquire clinical experience through internships or employment. For very similar reasons, conducting research and engaging in internships should be important to you. These endeavors will hone your understanding of the career you have chosen and provide essential focus for your planning.

Start planning both research and internship experiences early. Your professors have ongoing scholarly projects of their own and regularly take on students in independent study projects. These projects can mature into a senior thesis for you as well. Talk to your professors about getting involved in an independent study or other research project with them.

Clinical internships in the health professions can be performed during J-Term, the regular semester, or during the summer. Speak to the Dean of Pre-Medical Programs or to your pre-health advisor to learn how to obtain a clinical internship.

There are also many discipline-specific and health-related off campus internship and fellowship opportunities, which you can find listed on the MHC Fellowship page. The College provides various kinds of funding to support student summer research and internships. 


Sample Resume (1 pg version)

Sample Resume (2 pg version)