Whether you are applying through a central application service or directly to an individual school or program, you will send official transcripts for review by admission.

How to send a transcript: Follow the instructions from the application service/program, and from the Registrar of the institution issuing the transcript. The registrar has more information on how to request your Mount Holyoke transcript.

What to send: Official copies of transcripts from all institutions of higher education where you took at least one course for credit. Read all application instructions carefully to ensure you properly enter your courses in your application, and that you send the right transcripts in the right format.

Special circumstances

  • I took only one course at an institution, and it was ungraded.
    • Yes, send the transcript.
  • I took only one course at an institution, and I failed the course.
    • Yes, send the transcript.
  • I have taken graduate courses.
    • Yes, send the transcript.
  • I audited one course at an institution and took no other courses.
    • When you audit a course, you receive neither credit nor an official (if any) grade. Under most circumstances you would also not receive a transcript if this was the only course you took at an institution. Therefore, you do not need to send a transcript under this circumstance.
  • I took college courses while in high school.
    • If the course is listed on a college transcript, you must send it.
  • I took only one course at an institution, and I withdrew from the course.
    • If you withdrew during add/drop, the course does not appear on a transcript. Therefore, you do not need to send a transcript from that institution. If you withdrew after add/drop, then the course appears on your transcript as a W. You must send that transcript.
  • I took courses outside of the United States.
    • The answer to this varies depending on the details of your courses taken abroad and the expectations of the application service (or individual programs) through which you are applying. Read the application instructions carefully, contact the application service or individual programs if you have questions, and contact the pre-health office for additional help.