Pre-health advising is available to you beginning your first semester, primarily through the Pre-Health Programs office. The Pre-Health Programs office and the Chair of the Committee on the Health Professions cosponsor information sessions early every fall semester for students interested in learning about careers in the health professions and the advising system that is available.

Committee on the Health Professions

The Committee on the Health Professions is a standing committee and is composed of members of the faculty and the Director of Pre-Health Programs. These individuals serve as advisors to students interested in, and applying to, graduate and professional programs in the health professions. The committee members are knowledgeable about the Mount Holyoke curriculum as well as requirements for professional schools and are available to help you select appropriate courses. You are responsible for learning as much as possible about programs and their requirements, developing a plan, and keeping your advisor updated on a regular basis.

The support available from the Committee on the Health Professions includes regular advice and guidance on choosing courses, planning internships, selecting schools, preparing for standardized entrance exams, and working through the application process. The committee will also write a composite letter of recommendation for you and will conduct a practice interview. The composite letter of recommendation is a comprehensive summary of all aspects of your preparation, including coursework, internships, research, entrance exam scores, and comments contained in your individual recommendation letters.

Committee Members:

Kathy Binder, Professor of Psychology
Kyle Broaders, Assistant Professor of Chemistry          
    ON LEAVE FA17 & SP18
Jenni Casunduan-Sumi, Pre-Health Advisor
Jackie Collette, Pre-Health Coordinator
Ken Colodner, Assistant Professor of Neuroscience  
Rachel Fink, Professor of Biological Sciences
Corey Flanders, Assistant Professor of Psychology & Education 
Andrea Foulkes, Professor of Mathematics and Statistics
Gary Gillis, Associate Dean of Science Faculty, Professor of Biological Sciences
Liz Lierman, Director of the Career Development Center
Katie Lipp, Director of Pre-Health Programs