Application Process

Admission Criteria

Each law school will select its incoming class based on its own set of criteria. All law schools want students who are academically highly capable and who are likely to continue to excel in law school and beyond.

Law schools base their decisions on the following:

  • LSAT score
  • Undergraduate GPA
  • Transcript
  • Essay
  • Resume/Experience
  • Diversity

Application Timeline Suggestion

Winter/Spring before the Fall of the year you plan to apply

  • Prepare for the LSAT, take June LSAT.
  • Speak with professors and others who know you well (supervisors, employers) about your intent to apply to law school and ask if they can write a letter on your behalf.


  • Research and visit law schools
  • Visit the LSAC website and register for the Credential Assembly Service (CAS) through which you will access and complete law school applications. 
  • Begin drafting personal statements. Allow plenty of time to write multiple drafts. Make sure that you carefully follow the instructions in each law school’s application materials.
  • Construct a law school resume.


  • Speak to Meghan Godorov, the MHC pre-law advisor, to discuss your application strategy. Have your law school application essays, resume, and other application materials reviewed by the pre-law advisor and other trusted individuals.
  • Begin submitting applications as completed.


  • Secure financial aid forms. Take note of financial aid application deadlines.


  • Submit your financial aid applications.
  • When your fall semester transcript becomes available have it sent to CAS.


  • If you are on a waiting list, or having trouble deciding between two offers of admission, set up an appointment with Meghan Godorov.
  • Let us know how you fared in the application process! We want to know about your success. If you didn’t have any luck this year, please let us know that too. We are here to help you discuss alternative plans/application strategy for next year.