Considering Law School

What Should I Major in For Law School?

Students applying to Law School are not required to major in Pre-Law. Law schools are looking for people from a wide range of undergraduate majors who have performed very well.  However, there are certain majors that do lend themselves to law school preparation by focusing on analytical thinking, business acumen, and critical social issues.  The following MHC majors and programs are a few examples of such areas of study:

Gender Studies

Critical Social Thought

Law, Public Policy, and Human rights


International Relations

Global Business




Important Factors to Consider


Is the school in a urban or rural location? What is the cost of living? Does the location support your cultural/social/lifestyle needs? What is the school's proximity to your support network? Can you see yourself staying and practicing law in this area?


Where do their students get summer positions and jobs? Do graduates tend to seek employment in the area or nationally?

Selection Factors

What are the average GPA and LSAT scores of a school’s incoming students? And how do your scores compare? What are the demographics of the applicant pool? And how could you contribute to the institution’s diversity?


What are the academic strengths and specialties of the law school? What electives are available? Are there experiential components of the curriculum? Are there opportunities for joint degrees? What is the grading system?


What are the strengths and specializations of the faculty? What are their professional activities and interests?

Student Profile

What is the total enrollment? Racial and other diversity? Male/female ratio? What is the learning atmosphere like? Competitive? Supportive? Are there student communities, academic and social, in which you would like to participate? Is there a strong alumni network?


What summer and co-curricular opportunities exist for students? Are there opportunities to get involved in moot court? Legal aid? Research? Law Review? Study abroad? What kind of summer jobs and internships are commonly available to students? What recruiters come to campus? What career counseling is available to students and alumni? Are there programs for women and minority students?


What does the program cost? What kind of financial aid is available to you through grants and loans? Does the school provide merit aid? Need-based aid? Aid for those planning careers in public service law? You need to check with each school to determine what help, if any, they will offer.