Preparing for Law School

Take classes that are interesting and challenging and do well in them. Your GPA starts now and is a major factor in law school admissions.

Learn to write well. Think of writing‐intensive classes as opportunities to hone your analytical and writing skills and impress people who can write about your skills later in a letter of recommendation. Get to know these professors.

Read. The more you read, the better you will write. Read newspapers daily, non‐fiction books, journals., etc.

Use Handshake to search for experiential opportunities. Handshake is the primary location of all CDC job and internship listings. Peer Career Advisors are available to help you complete your Handshake profile, and the CDC offers workshops on finding and funding summer internships. Choose internships that are interesting to you in fields you want to explore. Law is a very wide field, any internship you do will help inform you later as a lawyer.

Sign up for the Pre‐Law email list to get information on law‐related workshops and events on campus.

Become familiar with the LSAT. Your score on this test is another major factor in law school admissions. Purchase an LSAT prep book and begin working on questions in your spare time.

Get involved in an extra‐curricular activity or a cause you are passionate about. It is not about quantity, it’s about quality! Get into leadership roles in your cause/organization over the years.