In addition to a 100-level introduction to psychology and several seminars designed especially for first-year students, the department offers upper-level courses in social psychology; personality and abnormal psychology; developmental and educational psychology; perception, cognition, and language; and biological bases of behavior. For students interested in teaching, we offer seminars and practicums leading to teacher licensure. Students are encouraged to undertake independent study projects and may discuss this option with any member of the department.

First-Year Students

Students interested in the fields of psychology and/or education begin their program by taking a 100 level course in psychology. We offer PSYCH-100 (an introductory course) both semesters. See links to course catalog [above] for a course description.

After the 100 level course, students move on to Statistics (Psychology 201) and then Research Methods (Psychology 200), either of which can be taken at the same time as other 200 level courses.

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