Danielle Denny

Graduate Teaching Assistant


B.A., SUNY College at Oneonta


My research interests include topics that fall under social psychology, such as stereotyping and stereotype threat. In the past I have researched gender stereotyping in relation to hostile and benevolent sexism. As an undergraduate with other students, I examined the degree to which college students endorse various gender stereotypes. Another piece of the research also included examining the extent to which men and women endorsed either positive or negative stereotypes of their own gender and the opposite gender, thus investigating their endorsement of hostile or benevolent sexism.

My current research and interest have now turned to social media and technology and its influence on those receiving an education, particularly in a college setting. I am still interested in seeing how stereotypes reach and influence individuals through social media, but I also view social media and technology to now becoming instrumental in providing educational material. I would like to look into how access to social media and technology influences the way people receive an education in general or possibly in such topics as positive or negative stereotypes.