Reese Psychology and Education Building

The main building for the Department of Psychology and Education was designed and built in 1965-66 under the close supervision of members of the Department. The building consists of offices, lecture and seminar rooms, education curriculum library, laboratories, computer facilities, vivarium space, and a complex of shops for the construction of laboratory and teaching apparatus. Our building is named in memory of Thomas Whelan Reese and Ellen Pulford Reese, two long term members of the Department during the period when the building was planned and constructed.

T.W. Reese taught here for more than 30 years, from 1942 until his retirement in 1974. For 15 years, from 1954 to 1969, he was department chair; during this time the current building was erected. He received his B.A. and M.A. from Cambridge University (St. Catherine's), and he served as Chief of the Intelligence Section of the Office of War Information and of two divisions of the Office of Strategic Services in London during World War II. He was a Fulbright Fellow in Turkey in the early 1950s and established the first psychology laboratory in that country. He published a number of articles on psychophysics and behavior analysis. His thousands of students remember his encouragement of excellence and his broad humanistic education.

Ellen Pulford Reese was associated with Mount Holyoke College for more than 50 years, from her first year in a temporary double in Porter Hall in 1944 to her retirement as Norma Cutts Dafoe Professor of Psychology. She was internationally known for her work in behavior analysis and for many articles, films, and workshops teaching operant conditioning. In 1986 the American Psychological Association awarded her its Distinguished Contribution to Education in Psychology Award: and in 1992 she was named by the American Psychological Association as one of 100 women who made a major contribution throughout the history of psychology, in its Centennial Women's Heritage Exhibit. She was a naturalist, a world class dog breeder, and is beloved by generations of Mount Holyoke Students who went on to teach and write in psychology.

Education Curriculum Library and Methods Teaching Lab

The Education Curriculum Library is housed in Room 111 and the adjoining Methods Teaching Lab in 110.  The library offers students access to audio visual materials and equipment, computer software, mathematics and science materials, textbooks, a small collection of children's literature, teaching periodicals and applied texts on methodology and curriculum.  The Methods Teaching Lab provides students with a state of the art, fully mediated classroom in which to prepare lesson plans and practice their teaching methodology in front of their peers.


Deborah Piotrowski, Curator of Animals

The block of rooms in the center of the second floor of the building houses rodents, birds and fish. A student wishing to work with other species will probably be able to do so, provided she gets permission first. In addition to the animal quarters, the vivarium includes a cage-washing room and four sets of rooms for research.